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Cookies Policy
Last modified on: 31.01.2022
This Cookies Policy (‘Policy’) is a part of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All the terms in this Policy are used in the same meaning as in these documents.

This Policy describes the details on the processing of your data within the Services by use of cookies and other automated collection means.

The Policy defines the following aspects of the automated data collection:
  • what are cookies and other means of automatic collection;
  • what means do we use within the Website and the Apps and whether we collect your personal data in such a way;
  • how long do we store the collected data;
  • whether the data is transferred to third parties;
  • as well as other details of data processing.
What are cookies and other automated data collection means?
We both use the cookies when you visit our Website, and other automated means of data collection.
a. Cookies
Cookies are small pieces of code that are stored on your browser when you use websites or other online services. They are installed on your browser to enable different features, for example, to facilitate navigation on the website, to remember user’s choices or to serve the user with the ads which best reflect their interests. With the use of cookies, some services collect statistics in aggregated form.

In some cases, cookies are used to collect data that is recognized to be personal data, such as IP addresses and data linked to the IP address (traffic data). The usage of such cookies is regulated by the data protection laws. That is why you as a user obtain more rights to control the collection and processing of some data, and in most cases you are asked for the consent.

Cookies could be placed by both the website owner and third parties.
b. Other means of automated data collection
Cookies are not always efficient for use in mobile applications. That is why the owners of the applications use alternatives enabling to collect device fingerprints like screen resolution, browser settings or the operation system to track online movements of the user. A lot of such data would not be considered personal data unless it could be linked with some other data, for instance, to form a profile of such a user.
What data do we automatically collect via the Website and which cookies do we use for that?
We may install to your browser the following types of cookies:

TypeDescription and purposeCollected dataStorage and retention period
Necessary cookiesThese cookies are strongly required for the error-free operation of the Website, as well as for its security, including from ddos attacks, and accessibility. Without them we will not be able to provide you with the information services as prescribed in our Terms ( You may decline these cookies by changing your browser settings, but this may affect how the Website is functioning.Cookies allow us to collect data about the unique character of the requests sent to the Website.Stored from 1 day to 1 year
What data do we automatically collect within the Apps? How long do we store it?
We use technologies similar to cookies to provide and personalize the Services, analyse use and target advertisements within our Apps. These technologies allow us to store your preferences and track your activities within the Services. See the details below.

Type of personal data collectedPeriod of storage
Data about your use of the Service including data about your game progress, purchases made, session start, activity period, install source, install date, last seen date, anonymized IP, countryas long as you keep your account active, but at any case not more than 2 years after any of your activity in the account stops
Technical Information including data about your device, namely device ID, name and operating system, OS version, system language, internet service provider, architecture type, your device manufacturer, your time zone, the amount of free memory on your device, battery status, Wi-Fi status and device motion long as you keep your account active, but at any case not more than 2 years after any of your activity in the account stops
Technical Identifiers that refer to various unique identifiers that generally only identify a computer, device, or App. For example, your IP address, internal account ID, IDFA (identifier for advertisers), long as you keep your account active, but at any case not more than 2 years after any of your activity in the account stops
Engagement Information that refer to information relating to your actions, such as: clicks on ads, ad impressions viewed, audiences or segments to which an ad campaign is attributed, the type of ads and the webpage or App from which such ads were displayed, downloads and installations of Apps, and other interactions, events and actions we choose to measure and analyze within our long as you keep your account active, but at any case not more than 2 years after any of your activity in the account stops
How does the Company deal with data collected through the cookies?

The cookies usage message for the Website and message about similar technologies for the Apps were the first messages that you were likely to see when you visited our Services. In most cases we do not ask you for a consent to install them, since we install only cookies that are strictly required for the functioning of the Website in general and some of its features in particular (e.g. the very option to refuse some cookies).

Data that we collect with the cookies, where it is personal data, are processed in accordance with provisions of our Privacy Policy. For instance, our employees and sub-contractors may be able to access these data. Moreover, your data may be processed on our behalf by the third-party service providers mentioned above. For more information on our practices, see our Privacy Policy.

Can you regulate your choices as to the automated collection of data?

The following links might be useful for you to choose the best option of your browser and OS:

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